It's great to hear that your school would like to take part in the LOVE NORWICH hamper appeal and help families in crisis this Christmas!

Please complete this very short form to let us know how you are helping out, and how we can best support you! 

Let's get started!
What is the name of your school? *

How many children are on roll at your school? *

Approximately is fine!
Will you be... *

Please note the 'cut off' dates for each type of participation that were contained in your welcome letter.   If you are unable to make these- please let us know!

What is your target number of hampers? *

Aim big- but please be realistic.
Would you like someone from Love Norwich to do visit you to deliver an assembly? *

We will try to visit as many schools as possible.

Who can be our contact at your school? *

Thank you for taking part in our hamper appeal- please do not hesitate to contact Tim Handley- our schools coordinator at  if we can help in any way.  We will be in contact soon with more details!

Please click both 'next' below and then submit to send us your response!

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